Eric Hanson


The logical local. DINK and dog owner. Boy this guy doesn’t know when to quit. He volunteers for arts and human services groups throughout the region. Travel back in time and you’ll discover he was part of team that launched Z102.9.

Named Radio Ink’s “Program Director of the Year” twice. He’ll always root for his beloved Washington Demons, but Iowa holds a special place in his heart. Eric loves his Hawkeyes and loves that he met his uber hip wife of 20+ years, Shannon, in the Hawkeye Marching Band. Enjoys life’s experiences, travel and theater. Throw him a line and ask him to improv.

Clare Duffy


When she’s not trying to assist her two daughters in selling Girl Scout cookies, Clare is busy being a great wife to her #blessed husband, who somehow got the name Poor Poor Nick.

Williamsburg isn’t only known for their outlet mall, but also as the birth place of Clare! She participated in FFA growing up, as well as Speech & Drama. Clare attended Mt. Mercy University, way back in the olden times when it was just a college.

That led to meeting her sweet husband, Poor Poor Nick, and she’s lived in Cedar Rapids ever since. From her Z102.9 intern days to being the Morning Show producer of Schulte & Swann, Clare eventually worked her way to becoming the co-host of The Morning Scramble.