Selena Gomez & DJ Snake tease collaboration in new video

New music is on the way from Selena Gomez and DJ Snake! The two teased a new collaboration in a text exchange shared to social media by DJ Snake, which was retweeted by Gomez.

In the text message, DJ Snake sent a picture of his 4X Platinum plaque that had just arrived for his previous Selena collab, “Taki Taki.”  Selena replied that she had already received hers, and the producer said, “I think it’s time we gave them another one,” and added, “Hold on I have an idea” along with an audio note. Selena agreed, and replied, “OMG I love this! Let’s do it!”

See DJ Snake and Selena’s text exchange at the link here.

DJ Snake Reveals A New Collaboration With Selena Gomez


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